Is your child struggling in school?  Are you concerned, confused, and wondering what is happening?  

Does your child struggle to connect socially with other children?  Does their classroom behavior leave something to be desired? Is your child acting out in anger? Do they struggle with anxiety when they leave your side? Do they lack confidence and a strong self-esteem?  

Children struggle in school for many different reasons. Parents and caregivers have a desire for their children to succeed.  You want your children to be socially successful in their classroom and in group settings. 

You want them to figure out how to be heard and understood in a socially acceptable way.  You want them to feel confident, safe, and secure in public settings when you are not present. You want them to understand how to respond in a healthy way to negative unforeseen changes in their life (i.e. divorce, change of custody, moving, transition to new community).


Although many of my years of mental health practice have been spent serving the adult population, I have discovered how much I enjoy applying years of practice with adults to serving children, for often the struggles adults experience are a result of the unresolved issues of childhood carried through into adulthood.  Generally, the earlier any problem is treated the easier it is to resolve. 


I have been fortunate to learn and apply crisis intervention skills for many years in a variety of emergency settings.  I can teach your child how to use helpful tools to deescalate, cope, and calm down on their own when they feel they are in crisis.  


Emergency medical situations and chronic medical conditions can be very stressful for families as they might not know what to expect.  I have extensive experience in the field of medical social work and can help. I have a good understanding of how both physical health and mental health interact with one another.  Frequently mental health problems are a direct reaction to medical problems patients are experiencing. I can be a support for children and their families as they navigate through the medical health system.  


My years of experience assisting adults through the legal system as a mental health provider has given me a perspective to relay to your child the message that, “I get it.  I understand what you are going through. Your parents are going through a lot right now. Mommy/Daddy can’t live with you right now. They may be in jail or have to live somewhere else right now.  You have to live with your grandma or family friend. I understand you really miss them.”  

I will respectfully assist your child in knowing how to be successful in the wake of their family members being involved with the legal system due to criminal behavior and/or substance abuse history.  Your child still has to succeed in school and maintain healthy friendships even though there are many events not within their control.


I offer an unconditional accepting non-biased response to your child’s concerns.  I provide a safe and healing environment where your child can respond and recover from the problems they are encountering and help them to continue experiencing success. 


  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Master of Social Work, Eastern Washington University, 1993
  • B.S. in Psychology, University of Utah,1988
  • B.S. in Sociology, University of Utah,1988
  • Certificate in Criminology and Corrections, University of Utah,1988
  • Director of Psychological Services, Tooele County Sherriff’s Office, 1999-2015
  • Assistant Director Valley Behavioral Health Tooele Unit, 2001-2014
  • Crisis Coordinator, Valley Mental Health Tooele Unit, 1999-2015. Sherriff’s Office
  • Recipient of the Department of Army Copper Coin for Outstanding Service to the United States Army


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma /PTSD
  • Chronic Mental Illness
  • Student Academic Issues and Social Problems of Elementary Aged Students
  • Mental Health for Law Enforcement and First Responders
  • Individuals Who Have Had Negative Interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Substance Abuse
  • Anger Management


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Patent Centered Therapy
  • Behavior Modification