Therapy for Couples

Help your marriage succeed by opening the doors of communication and working with trained therapists who can guide you toward a healthy and happy relationship. With Sunset Counseling Services in Tooele, you can engage in deep and meaningful conversation with your spouse while one of our counselors helps you comb through your concerns, questions, and comments.

There are two things to remember when considering couples counseling:

First, seeing a couples therapist is not a shameful act. Quite the opposite, in fact. By seeking the help of a professional counselor, you are showing strength and commitment to your partner by admitting that you are human and that you are facing problems that you may not be equipped to handle. Our counselors are professionals who can help with any area that you and your partner may be struggling with.

Second, you don’t always need to wait until your relationship needs “saving” to see a couples therapist. We often meet with couples that are getting ready to get married and simply want to learn more about what makes a successful marriage. We’ve also seen couples who recognize that they struggle with communication and want to preemptively work on their issues before they cause wounds that can be difficult to heal.

That being said, no matter what the circumstances of your relationship are, if you think you and your partner could benefit from meeting with a couples therapist, odds are you are correct and we would love to meet with you to discuss how exactly we can help your relationship become stronger.