“You must realize, it’s impossible to replace you.” (Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor E. Frankl)

Suicidal feelings and thoughts need to be taken very seriously.  They are warning signs that you are really in trouble and that you need help.  Too often, we feel ashamed that we are thinking or feeling this way, but this is not something that we should hide.  This is something we should seek help for.  Federal health officials reported in the year 2016, almost 10 million U.S. adults seriously thought about committing suicide.  That was a lot of good people who were really struggling and had real needs they needed to work through.  If you are feeling there is no hope to resolve your problems, then know that this is not true.  Your life has a meaning, and you have forgotten or are still discovering the meaning and purpose to what you need to do.  If you are feeling you are nothing but a burden to others, then know that this also is not true.  This is a huge warning sign that things are not going well for you, and you, like everyone, need someone you can connect with and attach to.  This may require some changes in your thoughts, your actions, or the people you are associating with, but if you make changes in the right direction, things will improve, connection will be made and hope will be found once again within your life.  Think of very young children – how they really have very minimal control over their lives – but when given time to play, kids to be with and opportunities to learn, they grow and thrive and love life.  And so, can you.

There is only one special you in this world that no one can ever replace.  So, “Remember who you are” (Lion King, 1994), and become the best “YOU”!

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