All of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, you’re finding it difficult to breathe — like an elephant is sitting on your chest or like your throat is closing off. But you’re not allergic to anything that you just ate. Sweaty palms. Trembling. Nausea sets in. Your heart seems to be beating out of your chest. You wonder, “Could this be a heart attack? What is happening?!”

The worst part? You feel out of control and completely afraid.

These are just a handful of the symptoms of what is clinically known as Panic Disorder (a.k.a. panic attack or anxiety attack).

Perhaps you’ve also seen it on the news lately, more and more people having panic episodes as during this pandemic the normalcy of life seems to have disappeared for the foreseeable future. If left untreated, the symptoms can compound to cause the thought of even leaving your house unbearable and paralyzing.

Although not normal, Panic Disorder can happen to the best of us. People have experienced them for the first time more during this pandemic than in the months prior. If this is the first time you’ve experienced anything like this, it can feel like you’re about to die. Not knowing what caused it or how to get the panic to stop can incite even greater fear that another episode could strike at any time.

Fortunately, Panic Disorder is not fatal and is one of many anxiety-related disorders that has a known treatment. I have helped many individuals of varying ages overcome these debilitating episodes. There is hope! You can regain control. All it takes is a bit of supportive guidance, familiarity with the nature of the disorder, and a handful of preventative and coping tools.

By seeking therapeutic help for this, you will likely feel empowered by the control you’ll reclaim, relief at knowing that you will not be at the mercy of a possible next episode, and that if an episode does come along, you’ll know what to do to prevent it or at very least minimize it’s impact. Relief is more possible than it seems. And you can overcome this!

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