1. Recovering from traumatic events (such as sexual abuse)

    *Trigger warning: Possible triggers contained in the article below for victims of sexual abuse. Research shows that the key indicator for someone being able to recover from a traumatic event is their support system. Can they talk about it without being invalidated, teased, or blamed? Does the suppor…Read More

  2. What is trauma and how is it treated?

    Years ago, as a new therapist, I knew of the word trauma, but I didn't know the finer details of what trauma is, how it impacts a person nor how it is treated. Let me share with you a few insights about what I've learned through the course of treating multiple individuals for trauma. Trauma can be a…Read More

  3. Panic does not have to control you

    All of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, you're finding it difficult to breathe -- like an elephant is sitting on your chest or like your throat is closing off. But you're not allergic to anything that you just ate. Sweaty palms. Trembling. Nausea sets in. Your heart seems to be beating out of you…Read More

  4. Will I Ever Stop Crying?

    Grief becomes of clinical significance if it is still ailing you six months after the loss has taken place. One aspect of grief that is helpful to conceptualize, when grief seems like it'll never go away, is a concept referred to as a grief pang. Pangs of grief are those episodes of crying or overwh…Read More

  5. Grief: It’s Not What You May Think

    Whenever most people think about grief, they think of what happens when a loved one passes away. Yes, that is the most commonly recognized form of grief. What is not so common is that grief naturally accompanies any type of loss. Although there are more, here are ten of the not-so-common situation…Read More

  6. Anger: The Basics

    “Anger is a no-no.” “Anger is bad.” “If you get angry, it means you’re not a nice person.” “Anger always gets me in trouble.” Any of these lines sound familiar? Well, let’s put it this way, no emotion is “bad”, but all emotions fall on a spectrum of positive or negative. Ange…Read More