Therapy for Anger Management

When left uncontrolled, anger can have many negative impacts, both emotionally and physically. On the other hand, learning to use and applying the tools shared by Heidi Vernon, LMFT, can help you keep your emotions in control and enhance your emotional and physical well-being.

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion. Aggression is a behavior. Hostility is an attitude.

Anger is a feeling every human being experiences from time to time. It is how you act in response to that feeling that really matters.  

Signs You May Be Struggling With Anger

  • People avoid you or don’t like talking to you
  • You’ve been told by someone that they are afraid of you
  • You’ve made someone cry by yelling or screaming
  • You’ve been told you are acting out of control or passive aggressively
  • The police have been called on you due to your aggressive behavior

Treatment Options for Anger Management

Sunset Counseling Services, LLC offers anger management counseling with Heidi Vernon, LMFT in an individual setting. Our anger management therapy fulfills court ordered treatment requirements. This psychoeducational experience provides you with an opportunity to earn a certificate upon completion of the three-month course, held weekly for 90-minute group sessions, or weekly 45-minute individual sessions.

Each session with a client starts off with a check-in by as to how well their anger management went for them during the past week, observations, and how well they applied the concepts learned the previous week. We then discuss new concepts you can take home with you to practice implementing during the coming week.

How Sunset Counseling Can Help

Sunset Counseling Services in Tooele offers the best therapy services to help you learn the tools that will allow you to control your anger, helping you to experience the good feeling that comes when you handle a tough situation in a healthy way. Contact us today to get started!